Monday, February 8, 2016

CHS Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, Feb. 11th

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, February 11th from 5:00-8:30pm.

In conjunction with conferences, the CHS Guidance Office will be hosting a Sophomore and Junior Parent Night. Sophomore and junior students and parents are invited to attend a short presentation in the auditorium at 6:00pm during conferences (Feb. 11th). Topics will include:

  • New ACT Prep Opportunities
  • AP Classes
  • Dual Credit Opportunities
  • Early Entry College Courses
  • Future Scholarships/FAFSA Process
  • Question/Answer Session
If your student is planning on taking dual-credit, college, or AP classes next year, we highly advise that you plan to attend this presentation.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

FBLA Visits 4th Grade!

On Wednesday, February 3rd a group of Future Business Leaders of America members visited Mrs. Dicky’s 4th grade classroom at Chadron Intermediate School in order to complete an American Enterprise Project.  

The American Enterprise Project is an event that is prepared for state competition that develops projects within the school and/or community that increases understanding of and support for the American enterprise system by developing an information/education program.  Greta Welch, Kaci Waugh and Jadyn McCartney prepared a project to show the importance of supply and demand using Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  Along with 15 members of the FBLA chapter, these three girls presented a powerpoint presentation that included vocabulary terms and an overview of supply/demand and it’s importance in business.  The presentation also included a word search, a demonstration, a game and ice cream.  The Ben and Jerry’s Corporation was used to show the importance of how ice cream flavors that are not in demand will be discontinued and go to the Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard.  This actually exists and was the motivation behind the idea. The “graveyard” shows the importance of the consumer/demand of a product and where resources must be used for the Ben and Jerry’s supply of ice cream.  The 4th graders not only loved the ice cream but the lesson showed how they can affect supply and demand of a product. The high school students had a great time with the 4th graders!   

Kaci Waugh, Greta Welch and Jadyn McCartney pose for a picture with Mrs. Dicky’s 4th grade class.

Members of FBLA helping with the game to show the concept of supply and demand.

In the game when flavors were not in demand, they went to the “Flavor Graveyard”. (Yes, this actually does exist at the Ben and Jerry’s Corporation!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Challenge Accepted! Student Section Sportsmanship Challenge

Gordon-Rushville High School has challenged our student cheering section to a contest this Saturday during the varsity basketball games in Gordon.

This challenge relates to conversations we've had with several panhandle schools to promote student cheering sections the Birdcage, and to promote the sportsmanship guidelines set by the Nebraska Schools Activities Association.  Participating in this challenge will give our schools an opportunity to review and practice these guidelines prior to the hopeful participation in district and state tournaments this spring.

The sportsmanship guidelines for this Saturday include:

Positive Behavior (points added)

  • Applaud during introductions of all players, coaches and officials
  • Stand to remove head cover during the National Anthem
  • Treat the contest as a game (not a war)
  • Recognize opposing players and coaches for outstanding performances
  • Applaud the performance of all contestants after the contest
  • Show appropriate concern for injured players regardless of team affiliation
  • Encourage surrounding people/fans to display only sportsmanlike conduct
Negative Behavior (points deducted)
  • Yelling or chanting at opponents
  • Making derogatory yells, chants, songs, or gestures
  • Booing or heckling an official's decision
  • Criticizing official's in any way: displaying temper with an official's call
  • Blaming loss on game officials, coaches or players
  • Laughing or name-calling to distract an opponent
  • Using profanity or displaying anger that draws attention away from the contest
  • Inappropriate use of social media or technology

Let's Go Birdcage!  #GoCardsNation

Friday, January 15, 2016

Advanced Biology Compares Monocots and Dicots

(Submitted by CHS Sophomore, Cody Madsen)

Only one week into the Advanced Biology course, and we are already getting hands on experience. 

By looking into microscopes, our class examined the various parts of both monocot and dicot leaves, stems, and roots. As we drew pictures and labeled the parts that we saw, we began to get a much better understanding of how a plant functions and the location of the various parts. Also, since we observed a monocot and a dicot side by side, we could really tell the differences between the two. 

Another part of the lab involved knowing the functions of all the parts, such as the cuticle prevents water loss and the xylem transports water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant. 

Hands on labs are always beneficial and help our minds. I can't wait to participate in more labs in Advanced Biology.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did You Know CHS Offers Tutoring Everyday?!

As the new semester begins, we typically get phone calls from parents asking if tutors are available for students struggling with the transition of a new class load.  The response is, "Yes".  In fact, our tutors are the most knowledgable individuals for helping students with homework and are available everyday!

Chadron High School operates with four 90-minute 'blocks' of classes each day, homework assistance is scheduled for Block 5 which takes place right after school ....everyday!

Block 5 is designated for teachers to be available to assist students. On regular school days, it takes place the first 25 minutes after school and on 1:30 dismissals it takes place the first 45 minutes after school is dismissed.  So, I would encourage parents to support students using this time to get individualized help with homework.

The extra time on 1:30 dismissal days is not only beneficial, but necessary for students that have missed instruction time due to illness or activities.  All teachers that are present are required to be available to help students during Block 5.

Occasionally, we have teachers absent due coaching a team that travels early, in those situations we encourage students to get assistance from another teacher in the same department. We have a lot of qualified and talented staff eager to help.

One of the difficulties we have is the misconception that a student staying after school in a class room is being punished or serving detention.  Block 5 is for assistance, not punishment!  In college, this time in know as office hours, where students know their professor is available for extra help. 

So, help us spread the word for students to utilize Block 5 for homework assistance. We're here to help students be successful!

(I would also note, teachers are available to assist students before school each day and if needed, teachers will arrive even earlier if the student requests.)