Monday, May 4, 2015

Dates of Physicals for Next Year's Sports/Activities

2015-16 Physicals for Sports/Activities

Chadron High School:
  • Who:  Current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students that my participate in a CHS sport or other school activity next year.
  • Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
  • Time:  7:00am - 8:00am
  • Place:  Chadron High School Locker Rooms (enter through front door).
  • Cost:  $5 per student (No student will be turned away). This contribution is donated to the Chadron Schools athletic/activities fund.    
*Please pick up a physical form at the office BEFORE May 12th to complete the Health History portions of the form before you arrive for your physical.

Chadron Middle School:

  • Who:  Current 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that my participate in a CMS or CHS sport or other school activity next year.
  • Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015
  • Time: 7:00am - 8:00am 
  • Place: Chadron High School Locker Rooms (enter through front door).
  • Cost:  $5 per student (No student will be turned away). This contribution is donated to the Chadron Schools athletic/activities fund.    
*Please pick up a physical form at the office BEFORE May 14th to complete the Health History portions of the form before you arrive for your physical.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Year-End Activities at CHS

I want to take this opportunity to ‘touch base’ on the many activities and events that will take place in the next couple of weeks for our students.
Graduation will take place in the high school gym. We do not reserve or block off sections of seats for families of seniors. Instead, they are welcome to enter the gymnasium when it opens at 11:00am and reserve up to 10 seats on the floor for the graduation ceremony for their families. There is additional seating provided in the bleachers.

Wednesday, May 6th - Senior's Last Day: As in the past, grades 9-11 will start classes at 9:00am on May 6th to allow for seniors to check-out from 7:55-8:55am.
Here’s the schedule of special activities:
  • Prom                      
    Saturday, May 2nd
        CSC Student Center
  • Baccalaureate          
    Sunday, May 3rd
          CHS Auditorium
  • Honor’s Night           
    Monday, May 4th
              CHS Auditorium
    6-12 Band Concert
    Tuesday, May 5th CHS Auditorium
  • Seniors Last Day    
    Wednesday, May 6th
        9:00 start for grades 9-11
  • Graduation Practice  
    Wednesday, May 6th
        CHS Gym
  • Graduation             
    Saturday, May 9th
           CHS Gym
  • Student's Last Day
    Friday, May 15th
If you have any questions, please call the CHS Office at 432-0707.

Thank you!

CHS Competes In Nebraska STATE ENVIROTHON For The First Time!

(Submitted by Maribeth Moore-sponsor)
To watch more about the Envirothon click on KNOP news clip.

Members included Murphy Churchill, Toni Doescher, Clay Madsen, Brooke Roes and Greta Welch.

On April 30th, 2015 students from CHS competed at Camp Comeca in Cozad at the State Envirothon.

The mission of the North American Envirothon is to develop knowledgeable skilled and dedicated citizens who have an understanding of natural resources and are willing and prepared to work towards achieving and maintaining a balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.

It is accomplished by developing in young people an understanding of the principles and practices of natural resource management and ecology and through practice dealing with complex resource management decisions. More and more careers are being created that deal with the environment. This is an excellent opportunity to give your students some additional background in the environment and exposure to environmental careers.

What makes the Envirothon different from other extra-curricular activities students already participate in? The Nebraska Envirothon competition gives students the chance to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to life. Students are given the chance to interact with resource professionals who use the knowledge they gained in high school and college every day in their career. The Envirothon shows students the link between academics and the business.

The competition was distributed between Aquatic Ecology, Wildlife, Urban Forestry, Policy, Soils, Range, and a Special Topic Management Plan.  This year’s topic focused on Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). CHS students placed 3rd in Special Topics Presentation and Policy, 4th in Soils, 5th in Range, Wildlife, and Forestry, and 7th in Aquatics and overall.

Special recognition goes out to Sheri Daniels (UNWNRD), Tony Perlinski (CSC), Fred McCartney
(NFS), Amy Seiler (USFS), and Shelley Steffl/Katy (NGP) for taking time to help prepare our students.  Go Cardinals!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Students Tour Physical Therapy Department

(SuDr. Griese at work.
(Submitted by CHS Junior, Mikki Hastings)
The third block anatomy class, taught by Mr. Vic Bradley, would like to thank Dr. Robert Griese at the Chadron Community Hospital Physical Therapy Department for taking the time to give a tour of the facility to the students. Dr. Griese gave a full tour to the class of eight, explaining different machines, different exercise techniques, different therapy methods, and different rooms in the department. Each individual got the opportunity to see a whirlpool machine, different stretching tables, displays of bones, a speech therapy room, and an occupational room,

On top of showing the class the whole department, Dr. Griese also explained the aspects of schooling from high school, all the way to physical therapy school, and beyond. After talking about school, students learned more about finding a job in the workforce, the differences between private and community practices, and the benefits of rural and urban areas to practice in.

Three very crucial pieces of advice from Dr. Griese that were aimed at the students were about job shadowing and schooling. The first piece of advice was no matter what field of study you are going into, especially if you are going into the medical field, job shadow as much as you can; colleges and medical programs like to accept students who have job shadowed and know what they are getting themselves into in medical school. The second piece of advice was work as hard as you can in school, because good grades are very important in getting accepted into programs such as the physical therapy program. The better grades you have, and the harder classes you have taken, the more likely you are to be accepted into school after a series of tests and interviews. Last, but not least, Dr. Griese told the students to apply for as many scholarships are possible. Since, Dr. Griese said, college debt after physical therapy school can range from anywhere between $60,000 to $160,000, it helps a lot to receive financial support.

Is Chadron At Risk Of Tooth Decay?

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Trace Strotheide)
Following a semester long anatomy and physiology class, Chadron High students traveled down to CAPWN Dental in hope of furthering their knowledge of a medical based field. Lead by dentist, James Hadden, a Bridgeport native, the students were exposed to the different sides of dentistry and how important oral healthcare is to their community. As the students listened and asked questions relating to his field of work, Dr. Hadden revealed that Chadron isn't as protected as one may think. Scoring a 18 out of 20, Chadron is one of the nations worst places for oral health and according to Dr.Hadden, this is exactly the reason that he was brought to this region.

Following Dentistry School in Lincoln, NE, James Hadden found himself  employed at Community Action Partnership Of Western Nebraska Dental (CAPWN Dental). CAPWN Dental is a government-funded institution that provides oral healthcare for underprivileged citizens. Soon after beginning his new venture into the rural atmosphere, James began to grow accustom to his practice and now finds his job rewarding and looks further into the future to see what his clinic can provide to the community.  Knowing  that tooth decay is the number one childhood disease in the United States, Dr. Hadden has began to further prevent tooth decay in the surrounding community.  Dr. Hadden has traveled to local schools, where his team provides fluoride brushing and oral check-ups to grades K-8. These measurements alone, James believes have further prevented some  future oral care disorders in the area. However, these actions alone are not even a glimpse at what CAPWN Dental has provided for our community and the surrounding area.

 While the visit continued, the class joined around the dental office where Dr. Hadden told the students the importance of brushing, flossing and how to properly maintaining the pH of your mouth. In which he shared the fact that it takes your mouth a whole hour to balance pH and prevent acid build-up, furthering the idea to eat in moderation and avoid snacking throughout the day.  As the session continued, James told the students an average day at work and what kind of training was required to become a Dentist. However, before their meeting came to an end, James introduced the students to new ways of thinking for future experiences which included being yourself in an interview and to never be afraid to try for a particular hard class that may be offered to you in the future. Finally, as the students were just prepared to leave, Dr. Hadden shared the most important tip of the day. James went on to tell the class to make sure you build up your college GPA in the first two years. This way you are able to enlist in harder classes that may push you to your future goals. Nevertheless, Dr. Hadden stunned the class with his wonderful insight and the class couldn't have been more interested in the life of a dentist.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prom & Baccalaureate This Weekend!

The CHS junior class proudly presents: Starlit Paradise - Prom 2015 this Saturday, May 2nd!

Junior-Senior Prom
Saturday, May 2, 2015
CSC Student Center Ballroom

Grand March: 6:30pm (open to the public)
Coronation: 7:00pm (open to the public)
Banquet: 7:30pm
Dance: 8:30pm
After Prom Party: Midnight
(Note from Post-Prom Organizers: Parents will be notified when their student leaves for the night)

The Chadron Ministerial Association will host the 2015 Baccalaureate Program for the CHS Graduates this Sunday!

Sunday, May 3rd
7:00pm in High School Auditorium
There will be refreshments following the ceremony